The benefits of blogging

We always include a blog into all of our new websites. Nowadays, it a given. One of the most important parts of every business is promotion. Advertising accounts for approximately 30% of every business' spending capital. Whether, you print flyers, advertise in your local circulars, create a radio commercial or create an event, we all know that advertising is very important to gaining us new business and increasing our profits. 

If we don't tell the world we exist, how will they ever find us?


Dont Panic

Many people panic when we include a blog in their new website. They say things like:


"Do I really need a blog?", "What will I write in it?". "I have nothing to say!", "I think it will just be a waste of time" etc..



Our reply is always the same; "You have a website because you'd like to promote your services and the best way to promote your business is by marketing your products. This is when a blog becomes an invaluable tool. Tell the world about everything!"


Why bother?

Having a website is all good and well but unless you are prepared to put in the time to market it, it will simply get buried in the back with all the other websites that didn't bother to promote themselves. Only those who promote themselves will find that this is reflected in the profits. Stand head and shoulders above the rest... forget the rest, be the best!


The Past

In the past, a business would have a shop on the high street, they would post the latest sales or discounts on their shop windows/shop front. This worked well to attract the attention of the people who happen to walk past the shop at any given time. 

However, once they realise that the posters aren't all that effective, they go on to promote their wares through the use of local radio ads, local newspaper listings and the like.


Today & Tomorrow

Think of your website as your shop front. Your content on the home-page as your shop window. Your blog is your news section, radio ad, newsaper listing etc..

Only when people happen to stumble on your website (walk by), will it do a great job of telling people about your business; so what do you do the rest of the time? More importantly, how can you get people to stumble upon your website in the first place? 


What should I do?

Well, the best way to get your customers attention is to shout at the top of your lungs, scream and shout about your awesome service or product. Now, seeing as this isn't portobello market, you cant simply shout to grab peoples attention. 

Instead, you need to start blogging.Take the time to tell the world about your business and the world will take the time to check it out. 


I hate the word 'blog'!

We know a lot of people are afraid of the mysterious blog (we've even noticed many people don't actually know what 'blog means').

We say, forget the word 'blog' and replace it with something familiar to yourself. Think of the blog as a promotional system, a way to get your message out to the world. Name it 'Updates' or 'News' or 'Whatever you like'. The blogging system is simply there so you can share your latest news or updates, show your latest products, tell people about your latest project etc..


Your blog is an important tool that keeps your customers updated with the latest information about your business and best of all, it's free! It doesn't cost a penny to update your blog; it's certainly a lot cheaper than posting in the local newspaper or forking out for a radio advertisement. All you need is a little of your own time and you can keep your cash in your pockets.


Be Social

Opening a twitter account takes approximately 3 mins and the same goes for creating a facebook page and now you can link your twitter account with your facebook page, so you only need to share your new article on twitter and it will automatically be posted to your facebook page too. This is a great way to tell your family and friends about your new product or business; if they like it, they'll share it, if their friends and family like it, they might share it too and so the promotion cycle begins.

Once you publish your latest news updates, why not post them on twitter and facebook? The more places you share your articles, the better it will be for your business. 



Short and sweet! Write, Publish, Share, Succeed!




Posted by Marina on
Great article!
I agree with you on the value of blogging/marketing! You can save a lot of money when you put in the legwork yourself. Now I just need to get my business on those social networks that everyone raves about! ^^
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